Her face here really does look like a combination of two of her brothers: Romeo and Cruz. Right? I don’t see much Brooklyn.

Here’s H7 with her ma after the presentation of Victoria, Victoria Beckham F/W 2013 at NY Fashion Week today. Click here to see the collection in LifeStyle. Who is that face? Why does this child have better outerwear than I do? And now that Posh is done with her designing for the season, who will she be hanging out with in London?

The Spices get together a lot. They watch tv together at home. They go for dinner. And VB’s excuse for the last while has always been that she lives in LA and when she comes back to England has too little time and too much sh-t to do.

Should we be so hard on her? People drift apart. Civilians break up with friends all the time. Or they do the slow fade. The problem here is that, well, they’re still linked in business. Maybe this is actually one area in life where celebrities do have it worse than non-celebrities.