Victoria Beckham took Harper Seven to her big brother Brooklyn’s football game the other day. As you can see, H7, like her other brother Romeo, seems to have inherited her mother’s mouth. It’s a very distinctive Posh mouth. Also, H7 is all rolls. Look at her big cheeks! And that chunk all over her legs! SO cute. And all that nutrition, it’s coming from her mother! Which means... Victoria must be eating. Like, real food. More than a few pieces of steamed broccoli. (This, actually, is what she orders at restaurants.)

When does a baby start learning eating habits from her mother? I have a good friend who was vegetarian forever. She has two kids, 4 years old and 8 months, and she recently started eating meat again because she said it gives her children more options. I admired this. And, I won’t lie, we benefit too because now we can order everything at group meals.

Anyway, my point is... do children mimic their parents’ food issues? And if so, how does Victoria avoid passing on her food issues to her daughter? It’s sad to me when 8 year old girls worry about being “fat”. Body preoccupation should not be an any age problem but it really, really shouldn’t be an 8 year old girl problem. As much as it’s fun to snark on Posh though, she loves her kids, and she’s good to her kids, and I have to believe she wouldn’t want her kid suffering from the same obsessive insecurities she’s lived with her whole life. As such, as crazy as this sounds, and I’m not even sure I believe it, maybe, for H7’s sake, maybe there will be much more than broccoli in Victoria’s life now.  Maybe there’s even the occasional cookie.