Looks like Posh is tired of her hair. But I never thought Posh would pull a Chicken Fried Britney. Check her out at Heathrow today in a rather understated (for her) airport outfit holding up a busted looking bun weave at the back of her head. That’s like do-it-yourself-at-home styles right there. Budget.

Not sure why Victoria is working the fake hair but she’s no stranger to extensions. She was all over them just prior to her move to the US a couple of years ago, at the height of her chav. Wait. Never mind. What am I saying? Her chav has never diminished. She’s just attempted to conceal it. Maybe now she’s giving in to it. Letting it live. Allowing the chav to run free.

Some say this was for a photo shoot. And she couldn’t tear it off her head in time for the flight. Or, more likely, wanted you to see it as she headed for her flight. Which means she thinks it looks good. And this is why Anna Wintour keeps rejecting her.

Photos from Flynetonline.com and INFphoto.com