And her mother in a pair of flats...what!? Not only that but she’s OK with being photographed in them too.

Here’s Victoria Beckham with her kids at Universal City Walk this weekend. Her shoes take me back to private school uniforms in the 80s and 90s. That’s exactly the style we’d wear on our feet with our kilts. As you can see, H7 was carried around by her big brother Brooklyn for a while. This is really, really cute, right? I grew up hanging out with 3 cousins, all boys, every weekend, completing the two on two situation for any given game of pick-up: street hockey, basketball, football, handball, video games, whatever it was, I was part of the team, and it didn’t matter that I was a girl. They threw hard. No less hard on account on my gender. I wonder if it’ll be the same for H7. I wonder if she’ll ever take a ball to the face. I wonder which one of her brothers will be the most intimidating with future dates.