Oh the British press…they love to hate her. And today she gave them a golden nugget. Photos of Victoria in LA yesterday – slim but still saggy with some cellie too! All that not eating and smoking and the end result is just like us, only I had agnellotti last night. Ricotta and spinach in a heavy heavy cream sauce with even more cheese sprinkled on top and 2 dinner rolls and dessert too.

Poor Posh…depriving herself and still we share the cellie.

However, it’s not all bad news.

What you’ve been hearing and reading is that Coming to America was universally panned despite the fact that every gay and gossip couldn’t get enough. You also may have heard that the ratings were sh-t.

But were they?

Variety is reporting that NBC was actually quite happy with the results – Posh’s special brought in “decent” numbers and apparently won its time slot and as such, the network has decided to re-air it tonight…with even MORE Posh. Word is, cameras were sent back to the Beckhams’ with new footage that will air during NBC’s Thursday night comedy lineup,

So if you missed it on Monday – check it out tonight.

PS. Is that her bodyguard? Dude ain"t David but he ain"t bad either, non?