And what a year it’s been. Making yet another attempt to conquer America, the British Beckhams invaded Los Angeles almost a year ago and have never looked back. This time there was no Waterloo…which is why Victoria perhaps is getting a little too big in the head. Not only because she doesn’t eat but also because she’s starting to believe she’s above the very things that made her who she is: self promotion, shameless pimping, and selling out all the time every day.

This is why the owners of Kitson reportedly tore her a new asshole for not being available to hawk her own denim line. Her appearance there the other day was a conciliatory gesture – with her back against the wall, Mrs Beckham had to eat some humble pie.

Still… that’s just a minor blip in what’s otherwise been a year of overwhelming wins. The tv show, the W Magazine cover, the Marc Jacobs campaign, the successful Spice Tour – for the most part, it was a huge f&ck you from Posh to the home country that loves to hate her.

Naturally then, on her birthday, she wanted to do it in style.

At Pink Taco. With her boys and her man. Because they love it there. And because its wide open entrance makes paparazzi access that much easier.

Here they are leaving Pink Taco greeted by a village of photographers. Cruz apparently at one point gave the paps the finger. That one has lots of personality. Victoria meanwhile made sure her hair was perfect from every angle, wearing a beautiful new dress and sky high heels… because we all need to care about the style musings of the Pink Taco clientele.

And the birthday festivities won’t end there. Word is the Beckhams are planning a joint birthday party joint birthday party at their LA mansion – only 25 guests – and they’ve hired a publicist to help them put together high end gift bags.

Why is it only rich people who get free sh*t? You don’t think the Beckhams can afford to spend $50K or so on presents for their celebrity visitors? It’s the cheapness of it all that stinks the most, non?

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