Victoria and David accompanied their boys to the Grove the other day for the free Jonas Brothers concert. Check out Brooklyn. He’s almost as tall as his mother only she’s wearing heels. Trippy. When they’ve been photographed almost every day of their lives, it’s hard not to get overly (and inappropriately in some cases) familiar with celebrity children. I’m commenting on Brooklyn’s height the way I would my own nephew’s. Holy f-ck where did the time go? Why are you so old? Why am I so old???

And yet not old enough to hold mom’s hand. I love it when the Beckhams, they are all together. David as you can see is quite tactile with his sons. He’s kissing Romeo, he’s embracing Cruz. Cruz kills me. Already he’s a gangster. He’s adjusting himself, see?

As for young Romeo who looks the most like Posh, seems like he takes after her sartorially as well. That waistcoat has her name all over it and it’s nice to know bowl cuts never go out of style for children, even celebrity ones.

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