Monday night, perhaps immediately following her interview with Larry King, according to Vegas reporters Posh tagged along with Becks to a peeler bar called Spearmint Rhino. Everyone in the establishment apparently lost their sh*t. But of course they did.

Who wouldn’t want to get with Becks. Or both?

Word is they were ensconced inside a private room for 3 long hours doing … no one knows what. I’d like to believe that instead of fixing her lip gloss every 3 minutes while David was pleasuring her, Posh actually decided to stop posing and handled that man the way he was born to be handled.

But she is clever, non? Because if true, it appears she has finally found a way around his cheating balls. Go with him. Satiate his perv. Let him do it in the safety of her presence instead of messing around with some Spanish loosy goosy with even looser tabloid lips.

This is a photo from their fragrance campaign. Yes he is wearing eyeliner. And yes you want him like that... wrapped around you in fresh white linens and smoldering eyes.

Hate her! Love her!
source Splash