The Beckhams have come home to London as David and Victoria will be attending the Royal Wedding tomorrow. Becks apparently posted a video on his Facebook page about how excited he is to be going. While Kate Middleton seemed pretty relaxed however with just a day before they turn her into a Princess, it likely won’t be that way for Posh as she continues to grumble inwardly about the timing of being pregnant and having an opportunity like this, to look thin and the most stylish ever, for eve ever, squandered.

If not, she’d be attempting the Ultimate Upstage. Impossible, of course. I mean if there’s one bride in the history of time who will NOT be upstaged, it’s Kate Middleton. But you know Victoria. If she was at her “best”, in her eyes that is, she would have tried.

It’s too bad the paps didn’t or couldn’t take pictures of their luggage. I want to know what she’s bringing over. I want to know how much of it there is. Because Posh needs options. Which is what David will be doing tonight. Sitting on the couch in the hotel suite patiently analysing option after option as she comes out of the closet, frustrated with every extra inch, imagined or otherwise.

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