They Beckhams are not actors. So when they try to porn their sh-t up, it’s definitely not as convincing as the Pitts, and the result can be a little deflating, especially since Victoria has such a hard time relaxing. See their fragrance ad for a refresher.

Beckham Porn then is so much more enjoyable when it’s real, candid, like yesterday in Brentwood as they went together to check out son Romeo’s basketball game dressed way down in sweats and no stacks. I like the way his arm is locked around her shoulder/neck area. I like the familiarity of it, the casual but not threatening possession of the gesture, it’s a side they should show more often, which is weird because the way she tweets is much closer to this, so different from the way she poses.

Posh of course is just coming off a successful presentation at Fashion Week as the style people, once again, had nothing but love for her new collection. She’s been on Twitter documenting the entire experience – click here to see - and, well, the excessive use of the exclamation point is incongruous with the red carpet contortions we’ve been used to, non?

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