OK Magazine
is claiming from an exclusive tip that LaLa Beckham, the long awaited Beckham Princess, is on her way. According to them, Posh is pregnant. And she was also seen shopping for pink items at Petit Tresor.

Have no confirmation either way, not familiar with the status of her womb but seriously… do they not know this woman at all? Don’t they know Posh?

This is a woman who, for the entire duration of Cruz’s gestation period, hid herself under a parka, unwilling to be photographed with curves. ANY curves. This is also a woman who is about to embark on a world tour. Who will be squeezed into a variety of one of a kind Cavalli gowns on stage in front of hundreds of thousands of people the world over. This is also a woman currently engaged in a “thin-off” with her sister Spice, Ginger, who herself has nearly evaporated of late.

Would Victoria Beckham risk looking anything less than emaciated for the Spice Reunion? If Becks has an affair with a floozie…maybe. But if she doesn’t have to save her marriage, there ain’t no way La Posh will parade herself above a size double 0.

In other words, he’s either cheating or she’s not pregnant. Pick one.