They must have been rushed for their flight.

David and Victoria at Heathrow on Friday head back to LA as Becks rejoins the Galaxy. Check it, and hold on to your concrete tits, because Posh appears to be wearing very, very, VERY little makeup.

…the f-ck?

I’m telling you. It must have been a tight flight. Otherwise, she would have had way more time to put on her face.

Or maybe it’s the Seychelles sun. Having spent a week alone on the beach with her man, without the stress of wondering if he’s cheating, surrounded by fresh fruit, and perhaps even consuming a proper meal or two, Posh could be feeling confident that her natural skin is pap worthy without embellishment.


Are you looking???

Probably not.

But SJP is.

Word is Posh is working with an acting coach to prepare for her cameo on the new Sex & the City movie which should start shooting soon. They apparently wanted her last time but she couldn’t because she was touring with the Spices. The invitation is supposedly still open and Victoria wants to be perfect. At being herself. So she has to practise.

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