More mayjah quiveration – Becks for Armani. And while the shots of him in his undies are undoubtedly delicious, my favourite is the one where he’s walking with his shirt open and his pants ON…hanging delectably from a set of washboard abs and narrow hips.

THIS is how you wear the sh*t out of a pair of pants, see?

Am also partial to Becks in bed taking his pants OFF. Now there’s a legitimate visual to my fantasies. Yum!

And then there’s Beckham the father. How hot are these pics? Becks and his boys skating in London, high fiving little Romeo as he manages a lap on his own, smiling proudly at his sons, and warming their hands when they get cold. Swooning.

Don’t tell me your loins are vibrating just a little. Don’t lie.

But as always, the most amusing is always his wife. Victoria dressed for the weather. Everyone else is in winter gear and there’s Posh freezing her tits off in practically nothing. She’s amazing.