The Beckhams are in New York and they were photographed this afternoon leaving with the GMD apparently en route to see Katie perform. So they’re still friends after all.

And Tom Cruise is promoting Valkyrie.

So he’s calling in the favours, lining them up one by one. First the Beckhams (and Victoria owes them for Armani) and no doubt the Smiths will come round too. Of course Will has his own movie to sell, curiously enough going head to head against Tom’s, and his will likely fare better too.

But there’s no competition between mates. Especially mates with so many secrets. Besides, Tom needs a LOT of help. Valkyrie, literally, will be a laughingstock.

Here they are, Posh and Becks and their children, dressed to kill, naturally, as Victoria’s been saving this ensemble for the perfect occasion. These pictures will be everywhere.

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