The Beckhams finally have a daughter. She was born yesterday somewhere around 7am. It was a scheduled c-section. Couldn’t be on Saturday because David had a game and Will & Kate were throwing a party. And you’ll note, the announcement of the name on David’s Facebook page came only AFTER Will & Kate had boarded the plane headed back to London. Coincidence or conspiracy? Dude, if you are going to fight me on this, when it’s Posh we’re talking about, we will likely never agree on anything.

So do you like the name?

I’m actually really surprised by the name – Harper – and not just because I so wanted it to be LaLa. Harper you see has already been chosen by Dave Grohl AND Tiffany Thiessen. Victoria Beckham and Kelly Kapowski have the same baby name! And you know how Posh is about originality. Romeo, Cruz, I would have thought she’d want her girl to be the only X. Harper Beckham however is not the only Harper. Maybe she didn’t know.

She certainly wouldn’t have known about the George Constanza “Seven” situation. And, frankly, I don’t even think that’s a thing. I don’t know why people keep bringing it up. Seven works for me. It’s adorable. It’s for dad, for the number he wore at the height of his skill, when he played for Manchester United, and when he was the captain for Team England. Seven is for her birthday, the year, month, and hour. Seven has a lot of significance. Am all over it.

But if she says one day that Harper is for Harper Lee? I will As IF her ass for an entire year.

I love the name Harper. But now I worry about the name Harper. You know how people are. Harper is now suddenly HARPER. Harper is now Taylor. And, eventually, Harper will be Dakota. And these are the Harpers who won’t ever know Boo.