Stars came for the game, more stars came for the party. From super A List to totally random, the Cruise/Smith joint production on Sunday night at the Museum of Contemporary Art attracted them all. And for Victoria and David, it was quite the honour.

In addition to their hosts, Demi and Ashton made an appearance, as did Bruce Willis and Jim Carrey with Jenny McCarthy, and Matthew Perry, and of course Eva Longoria (of course!), along with Brooke Shields, her husband, and even Rihanna and Li’l Kim.

Most interesting? The behind the scenes heavyweights: Quincy Jones, Brian Grazer, and Ron Howard.

Quincy and the Smith connection I get. But Brian Grazer and Ron Howard? The powerful partnership behind Imagine Entertainment? In bed with United Artists? In bed with the GMD?

Said it before and I’ll say it again… NEVER write off Tom Cruise. Sucks but true.

But this is about the Beckhams. The Beckhams being welcomed with great fanfare to the increasing dismay of the British media who love to hate them so. I’m told the UK tabloids were itching to report that no one important showed up and were none too pleased when an elite guest list actually arrived. And so of course they will continue to focus on the second rate football skill of the LA Galaxy. True. Although if you ask Victoria, football is really secondary. Newest rumour – an exclusive – I’m told Posh is angling to get Becks on the shortlist for People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. Can you imagine?

Here she is, at the game Saturday with manager Simon Fuller (he manages DB too) and on Sunday night. Is Will Smith the hotness or what? Not too many men can stand up with Becks. Between Will and David, it’s a tough choice…but for those pesky beard/purse reports, you know what I mean?

And then there’s the way David touches his wife. On the ass. My porn, see?