My cousin Cat hates when I post hot picks of Becks. She finds it difficult to concentrate, she emails me to complain that she gets distracted, she has to ban herself from my site until after work hours, but even then she can’t help herself. And can you blame her?

Here’s David Beckham the other day picking up an iced coffee in a beautifully tailored suit. And while I’m not totally loving his hair right now, the old tired pizza phrase definitely applies – Becks is never bad.

And a bonus – exclusive photos sent in by N…thank you!

Taken very recently, here are the Beckhams at family soccer day with the boys and NO paparazzi! It IS possible, see?

David is, as usual, the hotness. But look closely at Victoria sitting down on a lawn chair. Is it just me or does she look almost normal-sized? The arms, the midsection… no wonder the photographers are missing. Posh actually takes a day off!!! Posh fits in with the MiniVan Majority!