Last week I posted runway photos from the Victoria Beckham collection. Click here if you missed it. David Beckham was seated front row next to Anna Wintour, luring her with the intention of putting his wife on the cover of US Vogue.

Here’s Victoria by Victoria Beckham, her lower priced line that’s become quite popular in its own right, as seen recently on Michelle Williams at the Oscar Nominees Luncheon. It’s kinda like dressing school children. Which... I am so all about. For real.

Anyway, Victoria also attended a promotional event in the subway with Anna yesterday to promote the Britain’s GREAT campaign. Needless to say, there are some deliberately selective picture choices posted here but this is why PHOTO ASSUMPTION is our favourite game of baseless conclusions.

So there’s Posh, posing for her life, the epitome of UNnatural, and Anna literally side-eyeing her Try.

As IF you’ll ever be on the front of my magazine.

As IF I’ll ever forget your gel nails with the French manicure and the weave and the fake tits and tan on top of the daisy dukes.

The thing is though, where Anna is concerned... how long can she hold out? The fashion community has largely embraced Victoria. People are wearing her clothes. People like Gwyneth and Cameron, people who are considered fashion plates, people who are considered to have some taste.

She does however have one very, very solid excuse. Ultimately a designer’s creations are meant to highlight OTHER people, letting the clothes be the cover stories. I mean, it’s not like Stella McCartney’s face is at the newsstand, you know? If Posh genuinely wants to be known as a designer, period, she must behave like the others. The others aren’t pushing to cover US Vogue.

Speaking of the UNnaturalness of Victoria Beckham, if you ever watched that one hour reality profile of her a few years ago and observed her in interviews, she’s actually quite appealing, rather nice, and she smiles a lot. Check out the video below. First of all it’s hilarious how much shorter she is than the woman interviewing her, even in her 6 inch shoes - HOW TALL IS THAT PERSON??? - but also note how personable she can be, how unlike the way she is when she knows she being photographed. Why is it that she won’t let that out? It’s endlessly fascinating to me the dichotomy between how celebrities ARE and how they want to be seen. If nothing else it speaks to extreme insecurity; that’s the party they’re all invited to.

Click here and scroll down to see the clip.