How late do you think Ben Affleck stayed up last night pleading with his wife Jennifer Garner to let him back in the house? It was reported yesterday, in case you missed it, which I’m sorry if you did because it was the best story ever, that JLo’s ma Guadalupe, emailed Ben for relationship advice for her daughter. Click here for a refresher. And now of course the sh-t is stirring, yet again, that what was Ben and JLo never died. Like Voldemort and his horcruxes, pieces of their love are embedded everywhere, just waiting to be brought to life again.

Can you imagine??????????????????

Honestly I think Blake Lively has a better chance at Prince Harry for Gossip Wish fulfillment than the O.B.’s (Original Bennifer) reincarnation. Then again, maybe in her mind he’s his Dick to her Liz. I just choke-laughed.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet. Instead, let’s look back at what was, what broke, and the signs that we may have missed.

Thanks to Sarah T for sending this along – from the Grammys this year, Lopez and Anthony co-presented, and Video Assumption says that while it was intended to be like a squabbling couple situation, you can tell from her body language, the way she’s crossing her arms, the way she doesn’t want to be near him that she’s already disgusted by him. And, worse still, totally embarrassed by him. He can’t match her timing, he can’t keep up, and she not only knows it, she’s ashamed of it. You see? I have been there. I have been there much too long with someone I can’t stand anymore. I know that face. That was her face.

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