I love them together. A lot. I imagine that it must be just pure jokes and laughs when they’re in bed. This makes me happy. Which is why I’m so worried. Maybe it’s because she was so annoying last night, with her weird British accent and a reference to tequila every time she had the mic. Katy managed to make Kanye look humble and sweet next to her onstage. This is quite an achievement. So I wonder if my irritation with her has been projected on to him, colouring my video assumption of them last night with all kinds of concern about whether or not he’s into it anymore.

There were times he looked almost pained. Embarrassed. It was so awkward, that kiss as she won her award. And while there was definitely emotion on his face when she shouted him out, there’s a part of me that read that as last ditch desperation, and his expression as wistful affection and almost friendly appreciation than spousal passion, certainly not in comparison to Jay-Z. Something tingled me pretty hard last night about those two. And in this case I want very badly to be wrong.


When your husband has been asked to speak in memory of an artist taken down, no matter if it was directly or indirectly, by drug and alcohol addiction, how smart is it to suggest at every turn, like it’s a matter of pride, that you’ve been stumbling around drunk all night?

It made me uncomfortable.

If you’ve read any of his writings, most recently on the London riots and on the death of Amy Winehouse, you probably know that Brand wouldn’t be insensitive to such things. Or maybe my Video Assumption is way off target. I hope for it too.

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