Have you seen this video? It speaks for the world.

Do you love it? Justin Timberlake is a sh-tty actor. This is not just me being a f-cking bitch. This is a sentiment shared by the People. All the People. Who want him to go back to being a musician. Or what he was “forced to do at a young age”. OMG. Amazing, right?

Even he thinks so. He tweeted the video with an LOL. I like the sense of humour. I like that he’s no longer trying to be defensive about the overwhelmingly universal sentiment that NO ONE gives a sh-t about the acting, and everyone just wants him to sing songs and dance again. I like that he’s not coming back with some dumbassness about how he’s ALWAYS been an actor, and as an artist, he has multiple creative outlets.

Maybe it’s working.

This is Justin last week in New York performing at Irving Plaza with his label’s band FreeSol at an event sponsored by his 901 Silver Tequila. Son, can’t you just love it for the purity of loving it?

Why don’t I just shut the f-ck up. He was back to what he does best. Save the snark for another time. Or his love life. Which totally involves Jessica Biel again. They were at a wedding together in Colorado this weekend. One of her friends. Word is he was all over her all weekend. Like totally into it. Totally into her. And, of course, she was complete.

Interestingly enough, he wasn’t supposed to go with her. Originally she’d said that he wouldn’t be joining her. I’m told however that after all the cheating, this is one of the ways he promised to make it up to her. She is officially the Official Girlfriend again. And like I said last week, this time, she’s in it for the big get. At this point the marriage conversation is definitely on the table. Well played Shelfy? Or really sad for not being able to walk, even though he stepped out so many times?

Photos from Larry Busacca/Gettyimages.com