Um. There is a video.

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 24, 2015 13:37:31 July 24, 2015 13:37:31

I started yesterday’s blog with Charlie Hunnam on the cover of the new issue of Entertainment Weekly.

Um. Now there’s a video. And the sounds coming out of my office just now were obscene. I watched it with Jordy, Key Hair on The Social, and the whole time, we were just like…



Grunting, moaning, more grunting.

Look, there’s a part where the camera, in close, starts at his feet and pans up. He’s wearing leather pants. If you don’t rewind with your hand on your crotch, you need to get your blood checked. And if I quiz you after you watch this and you can tell me what the f-ck he was saying, you need to get your eyes checked. Because here the eyes dominate the ear.

Just…be warned. Like, he’s doing pull-ups and push-ups and, oh, did I mention he’s WEARING LEATHER PANTS???

Anyway, supposedly the purpose of this whole exercise was to get Charlie to talk about all his projects – one of them being the sequel to Pacific Rim. Apparently he hopes there’s less focus on the special effects this time around. Most importantly though, at least to me, is that Guillermo Del Toro has confirmed that Pacific Rim 2 will start shooting in November again in Toronto. Last time they shot in Toronto I hadn’t moved back here yet. I live here now. I might get arrested.

Click here to read more about Charlie’s thoughts on the Pacific Rim sequel, click here if you are having trouble viewing the video above, and click here to see more photos.


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