Two weeks ago tomorrow I went to an advance screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 and almost had to be carried out of the theatre. Laura, who was sitting next to me, said that at one point, she looked over and saw me in the fetal position. The next day I flew to New York to interview Daniel Radcliffe for the very last time, after five years of seeing him every year, sometimes twice. He told me that his parents were sobbing behind him when he showed them the film. He also said that he bond he has with Emma Watson and Rupert Grint will be forever unshakeable. “No one else in the world understands and knows this, what we went through. It is unbreakable.” I almost climbed into his lap and wept.

On Sunday I’m going back to New York to cover the premiere for etalk. Then on Tuesday I’m back in Toronto to host the official Canadian Harry Potter premiere party at Casa Loma. Neville is coming! Am excited and emotional about it, but also worried I’ll be trampled – here’s Emma in London today leaving her hotel for a Harry Potter event as a boisterous crowd waited for her outside.

Also, if Alan Rickman shows up I fear I will be unable to do my job properly. The review embargo for the film will be lifted soon. I will explain it all then. But I am telling you right now, be prepared for it. Be prepared for ...all the feelings.

Needless to say, I am still not ready. Are you ready?

Put it this way, if you haven’t seen this video, and I’ve been saving it a couple of days to go with new photos, this video is a good indication of what’s coming for you. I dare you, if you love Magic, NOT to cry.

And if you STILL aren’t crying, how about these photo call images with so many members of the cast all together, riding out this final publicity push like a mini reunion?

Photos from Colin MacFarlane/ and Dave Hogan/