Last night in London at the Empire Awards, Viggo Mortensen was honoured with the Empire Icon Award. I know you’re out there. I know there is a strong minority of you who want more Viggo.

Could you wake up to Viggo? It would scare me, I think, to wake up to Viggo.

But as you can see, Viggo clearly doesn’t care about graying. Viggo is chill like that.

And happy bonus day! Monday is a fried rice day? James McAvoy AND Jim Sturgess both showed! James won the Best SciFi/Superhero Award. Love him…but not sure about the hair. Very 1997. He also looks about 18 and while Duana and Michelle will insist this is not really a drawback where I’m concerned, I actually don’t like my McAvoy an infant. I like my McAvoy a little more manly. With some stubble, yes, that’s the difference.


A rare appearance for Jim Sturgess and a double squee too because he’s posing with my Olga Kurylenko. Adorable, non? Although his mouth is strangely open in most of these shots too.

It’s a f-cking epidemic among young British boys…?

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