Viggo Mortsensen was at the NY premiere of The Road last night. The Road was supposed to be an Oscar contender and still has an outside shot but since it’s been languishing on the shelf for a year, and with muted buzz going into the season, The Road and Viggo’s chances are now considerably more modest. Of course Harvey Weinstein has everything to do with it.

Harvey is pushing Nine hard. And Harvey is also backing Colin Firth for A Single Man. Given the chance, he’d probably also want to see something happen with Inglourious Basterds. Needless to say, The Road isn’t high on his priority list.

As for the movie…

I haven’t seen it and I am afraid to. If you’ve read the book you know. It’s an astounding literary achievement, sure. But that is some bleak sh-t. And I’m Chinese, I can handle bleak sh-t. I’m the bitch always hoping for bleak sh-t at the end where everybody dies. But not even I could manage the bleak sh-t of The Road. Took me days to shake off the despair. Like the rains in Vancouver, the despair is relentless, even at mealtimes. You need to lose some weight? Read The Road. As for how The Road translates in movie form…I can’t even imagine.

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