That’s what the photo agency is calling it...

This is Viggo Mortensen in Madrid with his longtime partner Ariadna Gil. Viggo’s new Argentinean film Everybody Has A Plan (English title) is out today, select cities. I’ve attached the trailer below. He plays twins. Click here to read an interview with Viggo about his role.

During the discussion he was asked about the Pope who is from Argentina, where Viggo has lived, and where Everybody Has A Plan was shot. His answer:

Well, what I'm more interested in is that he's a life-long fan of San Lorenzo, which is the team I've been a fan of since I was a kid. I could care less about the Vatican but if you got to be pope, you might as well be a fan of San Lorenzo.

I love how he relates everything back to his favourite sports teams, the Montreal Canadiens being the other one.