Need some quiver on a Friday?

Two options. My recommendation is Door #1.

Viggo Mortensen last night in NY for the premiere of Good. Viggo was smiley and scary at the same time. It’s his special gift.

Viggo was supposed to have been right in the thick of it this awards season as The Road was originally scheduled for December release. Citing production delays, the studio has pushed back the bleak feature and Viggo said himself recently that he was disappointed, that he was looking forward to sharing the film with the world.

Have you read The Road? If you have read The Road, would you see The Road movie? I don’t know if I can sit through The Road movie. I would lose the will to live. Again.

On the other side of the country – Gerard Butler was spotted at a bar looking pissy about being photographed. Or having to go home alone.

Oh Spittle. One night won’t kill you.

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