I think once a week a smutty shout-out request comes in for someone’s birthday and they want to include some love for Viggo Mortensen. The problem with Viggo is that he’s rarely out on that scene, so it’s hard to get new photos. There are new photos! And a hot story to go with them.

Viggo was in Barcelona today at a book reading/signing. It’s an anthology of Argentinean poetry that he put together and published through his own firm Perceval Press. The book features a selection of “90s Generation” poets from Argentina and Viggo hopes to do more. He grew up in Argentina (ages 3 – 11) and also spends a great part of the year there now. As you may know, in addition to acting, Viggo dabbles in some poetic writing of his own, and painting, and sculpture, like James Franco but less...up his own ass?

Viggo’s latest film work has been the adaptation of Kerouac’s On the Road playing Old Bull Lee, or William Burroughs. Yeah, I can see that. You?

Also, have you heard him speak Spanish?

Photos from G Tres/Splashnewsonline.com