There are many types of gays. Naturally my friends and I love to label them all. Off the top of my head: there are fashionista gays, straightlaced gays, arty gays, motorbike butchy gays, Ian McKellan gays, and of course the beefcake gays - Oiled up, veins popping, muscles bulging, stupid as f&ck, and very, very sexually aggressive. Now take a look at Vin Diesel. Posterqueer for Beefcake Gays the world over, don"t you think? So I don"t mean to harp on this, especially since I"ve exhausted the point time and time again…but seriously - what, pray tell, is attractive about Vin Diesel??? He"s revolting, he looks like Shrek, he has zero personality, word is he makes his minions TASTE HIS FOOD before he"ll eat it, he"s the most hideous kisser like ever, and he"s even worse of an actor than Ben Affleck. And please don"t say his voice. Deep throated mumbling isn"t sexy to me. In fact, I actually find it very pervy. Like prison porno pervy. Not exactly my idea of a loin-quivering hot night. Anyway, here"s Vin exercising the inner glitter on a shopping spree the other day. Oh.My.Goddess. Do I spy a gay gut???