I admit Vin isn"t going to ever win an Oscar but if you"ve ever watched fast and the furious, there is one scene that will send you into a fantasy world like no other. The scene where Vin Diesel and his girlfriend are in the garage working on Paul Walkers pimped out car, Vin and his girlfriend start to make out (standing up), he grabs her ass and lifts her up to carry to the couch.....Mmmmm. If you haven"t seen the movie - check this scene out, if you have - watch it again. Dear Lea, That"s precisely the scene that turned me off. If you watch it closely and also the love scene from XXX, you will note that the man is a HORRIBLE kisser. I mean we are talking fish sucking lips. Awful, awful, awful. Combine that with the Shrek head and the laughable acting and you get a goofy beefcake with absolutely NOTHING to offer my loins. Nothing at all.