Q: why do they keep making these movies?
A: Paul Walker has no career otherwise. Same goes for Vin Diesel. Unless he wants to star in the live action version of Shrek. Because these are his only two options: 1. Driving fast and grunting or 2. Painting himself green and hanging out with Donkey.

Q: why do they keep watching these movies???
A: good taste is dead. And Asian kids have nothing better to do.

Every few weeks or so, some Asian kid with a tricked out Honda gets killed in a drag race. People love blaming these movies and the video games.

Being Asian myself, I’m not sure it’s primarily the movies and the video games. There’s something in the culture itself that equates speeding with cool that would exist even without the movies and the video games. It was happening long before the movies and the video games. It’s the way we raise them. And it’s not like they’re making their own money for these cars either.

The parents, they buy the cars, they write the cheques, then they leave the kids and take off back to Hong Kong for several months at a time. It’s so much easier to blame the movies and the video games than to tell someone they’re doing a piss poor job at raising their children. This is why my mother keeps justifying being right in my face my entire life. “Mommy always watch you!”

Anyway, Fast and the Furious 4 opens first weekend in April.

PS. Does Michelle Rodriguez remind you of Nikki Reed and vice versa?

Photos from Flynetonline.com and Wenn.com