Have no idea why some people consider him a quiver-worthy babe. Really??? Because I wouldn"t f*ck Vin Diesel even if it meant Joaquin an hour later. And not just because he looks like Shrek. Truth be told though, Vin wouldn"t want me either and it has nothing to do with the fact that I"m bitchy and unattractive. Word is the dude doesn"t dig muff. And he"s also rumoured to be a horrible diva with extremely demanding food issues. Can you believe he"s been known to have his assistant taste his order before he"ll eat it??? WTF??? Anyway, here"s my point. Vin showed up in Germany today to promote his new movie and I can"t understand it. He"s ugly and he can"t act. And did I mention he"s really, really ugly? So why the hell does he still have a job??? Where exactly is the demand for Vin Diesel coming from??? I"d appreciate it if you could enlighten me because I am completely flummoxed.