When Vin Diesel posted video of himself dancing to Katy Perry and Beyonce in January – click here for a refresher – I realised he’d be an awesome party favour. Make a list of 5 celebrities you’d want at a party who would MAKE THE PARTY BETTER. Not 5 you’d like to f-ck. Not 5 you’d like to be friends with (because they will never want to be friends with you) but just 5 who’d bring the laughs and the good time.

You know what?

Vin Diesel should be on it.

Vin Diesel in the era of Groot should be on it. Because, suddenly, instead of being muscle head douchebag, Vin wants to play. He wore his I Am Groot t-shirt with bionic legs last week – see here – and now he’s singing…

Sam Smith.

Come on. I can’t be on my own here. Don’t you like this side of Vin Diesel? At this point, I think I might this side of Vin Diesel more than most of the sides of Leonardo DiCaprio.