Well if that’s not a reason to quit Facebook...

I don’t use Facebook. For various reasons, but mostly because it’s a time sucker. Today I am grateful for this, because I’ve now learned that Facebook users are the kind who voted Vin Diesel the Sexiest Man Alive.




He is Shrek.

But not funny.


And a vile personality to match. Like seriously, seriously a hideous person. Not kind, not gracious, and totally insane, this from several different sources he’s worked with, on several different sets. Then again, this is the age of Jersey Shore. I suppose then, for that ilk, Shrek Vin Diesel is indeed some kind of hero. To me it’s like birth control. Because why would you want to raise kids among these pieces of sh-t?

Attached – Shrek at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in New York.

Photos from Wenn.com