Sasha sent this to me with the question: Should we invite Vin Diesel to join our hip hop dance crew?

I need you to watch this for me. The whole thing. I need you to watch this for yourself. It’s a video that Vin Diesel uploaded to his Facebook. There are so many questions.


As Sasha asked – why would any human being post this for any other human being to see? And me – especially a famous one!?


Does he think he’s the sh-t? Or is he just goofing?

Why is there so much tongue? Who’s supposed to be wanting his tongue?

Why doesn’t he know the words? Don’t you think he should know the words?

What is he thinking about when he goes into the corner and puts his hands in his pocket?

Do you actually know anyone who’s seen Riddick?

Does he have any friends?

I can’t do anything else today. I might not be able to do anything else for the rest of the week.