Hidden under too many layers of douche.

This is Vince Vaughn with Jason Bateman and Kristen Bell in Sydney presumably to promote Couples Retreat heading to the zoo for some sightseeing.

On screen he’s hilarious and endearing. In person… by many accounts… he’s insufferable. As in when they were shooting this film there were specific instructions not to look at him. Not to bother him. No photos. And when some poor schmuck had the temerity to ask, fangirling over the long lost Swinger, Vince pretty much undressed him in front of a crowd, making him feel small, staring at him for the length of a Shakespearean act before obliging him like royalty as if he had asked him for a kidney.

Kristen Bell supposedly isn’t much better. Laura and I found that out ourselves at Sundance a few years ago when she sneered at us for asking for an interview when she showed up ON A RED CARPET. Word is her boyfriend Dax Sheppard walks around like his is the most blessed penis on the planet and she threw a hissy when they wouldn’t bring him in to see her when she wanted to see him.


But she has such a nice smile and she’s Veronica Mars!

Gossip bloggers are bitches. But celebrities never are. Except Jason Bateman. He’s LOVELY.

Photos from TitoMedia.com.au /Splashnewsonline.com