The new cover of Us Weekly – hilarious caption and even more hilarious details inside: Jen suffers another humiliating split. Ouch. Janice Min REALLY hates her, doesn’t she? According to the magazine, Jennifer has been calling Brad to help her get over getting dumped by Vince Vaughn. Her rep denies and his rep says she has no knowledge of it but if you go on Huvane’s track record of …well…not being reliable, can we then infer that she really has been begging for his shoulder to cry on? Poor thing. There is also the suggestion of a visit, that Brad, caring and considerate, went to see his ex wife to make sure she was OK but that he had Angelina’s blessing beforehand. Because Angie isn’t threatened by her predecessor. Seriously, I’m not making this sh-t up. And who knows, it totally could be true. But even though Us is my Gossip Bible, even though it will always trump People for me, once in a while you read a story like this and you can’t help but toss it in with the riffraff you get in Life & Style. Having said that – I really wonder what Aniston and Huvane are going to have to do to beg for Janice’s forgiveness. Us Weekly