Vince Vaughn at the Hollywood premiere of Fred Claus on Saturday. It’s safe to say – Vince has passed the point of no return: that invisible line of hard living, in combination with genetics, if you stop short there’s still hope of reclaiming past hotness but if you go beyond…that’s it. It’s too late for VV. Swingers came, it went, and it is lost.

Same goes for the material?

My husband is a hardcore VV enthusiast. This a man who has a hard time remembering my birthday but can recite every scene from every Vince Vaughn movie in recent history and after watching a trailer from Fred Claus, he picked out a line that had been recycled from Wedding Crashers – pretty much the kiss of death. Not only does the film look like it sucks sh-t, not only does Vince appear as though he’s calling it in, but he’s also having a hard time coming up with original material?


Did Jennifer Aniston exhaust his creative juices?

Photos from WENN