Thanks to Nancy for sending me the latest cover of Star Magazine, boasting photos of a passionate kiss between the Pitts. Very interesting that they were able to keep this one under wraps from the internet. It"s just one photo but it"s definitely a legitimate kiss, more than just a peck, with the suggestion of tongue. Is it the full on animal lust we"ve been breathlessly waiting for?? Is it the kind of erection-inducing passing evoked by Ryan and Rachel onstage at MTV? Did it make me want to pop in my Smith DVD and go slow-mo on the sex scene? No, no, and no. But it is a good start. And it"s certainly a cue for Jennifer Aniston to start making out again with Vince Vaughn in a "private" secluded location. Especially since she just got new blonde highlights that she probably wants to show off. For your viewing pleasure, I give you Jen"s upcoming Vogue cover, for the April issue. She looks great. If not a little weird. Maybe it"s the drugs I"m on but does her chin look smaller??? Compare and contrast and let me know.