Both Us Weekly and Life & Style are reporting it. So I guess it"s true? And while I don"t dispute the fact that Aniston and Vaughn are engaged, I would exercise a little bit of caution about all the specific details in the Life & Style report. The way it reads, it"s like they"ve taken up permanent residence in Jen"s guest room. Although I don"t doubt she would allow such a glimpse into her personal life, something tells me she can afford to aim just a bit higher on the celebrity weekly food chain, non? Anyway, short of knowing what colour underwear they were both wearing on the day of the proposal, Life & Style claims to have ALL the intimate details. Like how Vince proposed in Paris, that the ring is worth half a million dollars, a 9.5 carat yellow canary diamond, that Brad"s mother and sister will both be invited, that it will happen "sooner rather than later", that Courteney Cox will be the maid of honour, that Vince is on the Zone diet to lose weight to walk down the aisle, and that they will most likely do it in Chicago where they want to take up permanent residence. Does that sound like a little too much information for a 3rd tier magazine that announced Tom & Katie"s break up back in February, not to mention a host of other bunked out headlines leading up to that? Take a look at what I wrote six months ago and take a look also at some of their past covers, compiled by the clever folks at Gawker . Now I"m not saying Jen & Vince aren’t betrothed, I just wouldn"t put a lot of stock into all the other stuff, you know what I mean? And finally, since like Britney I am now so pro-love, I have to tell you that I am thrilled, thrilled, thrilled by this news. It"s not the first time I"ve said it and it won"t be the last but J & V are made for each other. Much more well matched than her previous go "round, when she dared to climb Olympus and was bitterly reminded of her B+ existence. This time, she’s found her true mate. Vince is happily mortal and equally between 77 and 79%. And that, my fellow gossips, is why they"re going to have BEAUTIFUL children.