Well, well, well… In last week"s scathing Us Weekly article, Janice Min"s brilliant writers called out Jennifer Aniston for her "court and thwart" PR tactics - at once inviting public fascination into her life and then complaining about it incessantly afterwards. But of course they were wrong, right??? Going on Oprah doesn"t count as media manipulation, right? How convenient though, non? That on the heels of such an unflattering article, she appears on Oprah under the guise of a short film she co-directed for Glamour Magazine and "made it clear" after rolling her eyes that things were still ON with Vaughn. Such is the report at least from audience members at the taping yesterday with gushing praise for their favourite star - postergirl to the MiniVan Majority of course and heroine to every woman paranoid about losing her husband to the leggy, pillow-lipped secretary at work. Fear can mobilise the masses, you know? But here"s my question - can you still be with someone you were never with in the first place? If she"s never admitted to dating him, what does it mean now that she"s admitting to not breaking up with him? I"m confused…you? Source