Seriously ... Brad needs to give these two a lesson in Press Planning because what was a molehill has turned into a mountain and getting the lawyers involved isn"t exactly helping. This just in - Vince is suing the New York Post, The Sun, and The Daily Mirror for suggesting that he was passionately kissing another woman in London last week after printing "misleading" photos of him with a blonde at an industry party. As you know, Vince and Jen are insisting they are still together, despite the brilliant Janice Min"s assertion to the contrary. Oh and by the way...just in case, on the off chance you missed it...The Break Up comes out on DVD tomorrow. And of course, Jen just happens to be on Oprah today - not talking about the movie but about some short film she directed for Glamour Magazine. Please, bitches. This sh-t is so obvious it"s not even fun anymore... Vince Vaughn? The Trent, the Swinger? Bernard and the Old School earmuffs...Vince Vaughn is now suing over a kiss? I"m bored, gossips. I.Am.Bored. He is boring. Jennifer Aniston killed the Vince. Source and In Touch scan source