An underground rumour has just reached my smutty ears. It"s a rumour circulating among real estate circles in Illinois. Who knew they were such gossipmongers??? As I mentioned - it"s a RUMOUR, not confirmed, all speculation blah blah blah for the benefit of lawsuits…but I gotta thank my secret spy for bringing it to me first. The RUMOUR, I mean. So according to the smuthounds in and around Chicago, Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn have purchased a home in Lake Forest, Illinois. Wanna see pics? Of course you do! Here are a couple shots of the lovely interior. It"s big though - 9 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, 6 car garage, and 7.5 acres. Price tag? $12 million. Oh…and the most delicious part? It used to belong to Mr. T! Apparently it"s been completely remodeled and if this is true, I think it"s a lovely place for Jen to start nesting…far, far, far away from Hollywood and those silly illusions of becoming a bankable movie star. It"s one thing to dream, honey…but delusions of grandeur never did anyone any good.