Now doesn"t she look lovely in white? And doesn"t she look not so lovely and actually kind a dumpy in black? Here are Jen and Vince in Chicago continuing to work very diligently against the critics in support of their Break Up. I mean, this film is getting chewed out so badly even I feel a sympathy pang or two. But that"s not the reason why I"m going to fork out 30 bucks to see it (2 tix, popcorn, nachos, and Glosette raisins - my favourite). First of all, I love Vince Vaughn. Second, my husband loves Vince Vaughn. And so we will most likely go to see the Vince Vaughn movie. Because make no mistake - this IS a Vince Vaughn movie. And people will go to see a Vince Vaughn movie. But they won"t go see a Jennifer Aniston movie. Which is why Rumour Has It, Derailed, and Friends With Money made no money. For Vince"s sake, I really, really hope his star isn"t affected by his girl. Would hate to see him have to choose, you know what I mean? So will you do me a favour, gossips? Will you go see The Break-Up? Will you do it for Vince? Thank you, love you, owe you. Oh - and one more thing. Anyone see Jennifer Aniston on Regis & Kelly Monday? I received a delightful play-by-play from Jean W who started the show indifferent and then ended up hating poor Pity. I guess it didn"t help that Kelly practically jerked off to her image. And then there was the awkward little part about babysitting. I"ll let Jean describe it for you: "The three were discussing Coco Arquette, and how lovely she is. Then Regis asks Jen if she ever babysits while David and Courtney go out to dinner and she practically shouted "NO!" as if it is the last thing on earth she would be doing. When they pointed out that she is the godmother, she snapped back, "I"m the godmother, not a babysitter!" What a bitch." Since I didn"t see it, I"m throwing this out there - Any other unbiased eyes care to step up and defend Jen? I"d love to hear from you.