His private post-screening party was at Kultura Social Dining on King Street in Toronto. New place, fabulous place – obviously fabulous enough for a legendary Swinger. First things first, Jennifer was NOT there. Having said that, he didn’t appear to be missing her either. When I arrived, he was upstairs, huddled with three women, probably wheeling and dealing for his project, and definitely laying on the charm. Now y’all know, from a physical standpoint, Vince is not my type. But in person, up close, he has this thing. DEFINITELY better live than he is in photos. Much less clammy-looking, much less bloat. There’s also a certain sex appeal, a confidence, I like his hair, the way it curls up and tucks away at his neck. And the man looks fantastic in a suit. Not Brad, but not exactly bad either. Not bad at all. He left at around 3am with an entourage, out the back stairs. But when I took off out the front, the limo was still parked outside. My smutty sense was tingling that Kultura may not have been his final destination. Will keep you posted – he’s supposed to be here til Monday, and sorry for no photos. I would’ve had my Chinese ass kicked to the curb, you know what I mean?