I remember when the triangle scandal first rocked Hollywood. And then when Jennifer Aniston hooked up with Vince Vaughn, emails would arrive en masse from indignant readers: Vince Vaughn’s sense of humour trumps Brad Pitt’s pretty boy! It was the Team Aniston battle cry. Fair enough.

Call me Cruise, call me shallow, I totally own those labels but Vince Vaughn could amuse the Chinese out of me and I still don’t think I could bring myself to be attracted to this. Not when only 10 years ago, he was the legendary Trent Walker. Funny AND hot.

What happened to Vince Vaughn?

And why does he look now like he squishes when he walks?

Check him out the other night at the premiere of Into the Wild. And save your appeals – I get it. We own his entire DVD collection. Once a month, at least, I am forced by husband to watch Old School/Wedding Crashers/Be Cool and memorise the lines. He is f&cking hilarious. A total buddy. But it’s not enough to quiver the loins. Sorry.