People were criticising Beyonce earlier this week for using the Challenger audio in one of her songs. And they’re criticising her today because she posed like Jesus in front of The Last Supper and posted it on Instagram:

My liver is too tired to go deep on Beyonce as we head into our final 3 days of holiday before the reality of an entire new year begins. So… can we just talk about Girl Sh-t instead? Girl Sh-t is the best sh-t. And every time the go-back-to-work-or-school sads hits you this weekend, let this be your respite.

Duana texted last night with the note “You need to watch that vine I sent you before it gets deleted”. So I quickly opened my email, wondering about the surprise. As you’ll see, and you’ll want to see it soon before it gets taken down by Beysus’s army, the vine does not disappoint.

Yes. That’s Kelly Rowland explaining to camera that she’s “the second lead vocalist of the group”.

And yes. That’s Beyonce side-eyeing the SH-T out of her for it, then coughing, and then … Jesus Christ, her face at the end of it is everything. IT IS EVERYTHING.

Girl Sh-t!

If this is old for you because you’ve seen it before, I’m happy for you and you should be happy for me. Because I’d never seen it before so you understand how this made my life.

Happy New Year!