I am wishing so hard on the Gossip Genie right now about awards season. The prospect of all of those names - Clooney, Brange, Damon, Gosling... and Jennifer Aniston as a presenter? As I mentioned last week, her movie with Justin Theroux (and Paul Rudd) opens in February. Presenting is a very serious possibility.

What if Brad Pitt actually wins an Oscar? He’ll turn to the Jolie beside him, they’ll kiss, and then you’ll hear me, shouting at the control room, BEGGING them to point that f-cking camera at Jennifer Aniston’s face.

For those of us who love gossip, in that situation, WE ALL WIN.

Until then, and let’s not jinx it, please turn your attention to these new photos of Jen in New York today making the talk show rounds in support of Project Five, a series of five short films, directed by Aniston, Demi Moore, and Alicia Keys among others, airing on Lifetime next month, about breast cancer sufferers.

She looks great.

Um... do you remember Jennifer Aniston on The Edge? Me neither!!! If you are under 30, don’t bother. This is before your time. But that’s why the internet was invented.

Ritchie sent this to me the other day. Apparently, after watching Bridesmaids, he had a bout of Wilson Phillips nostalgia. And ended up at this parody. Featuring... OH MY GOD THAT’S JENNIFER ANISTON.

I promise this is well worth your 3 minutes on a Monday. Promise.