It was Retta who caught it. Isn’t it always Retta who catches everything? 

So Viola Davis is wrapping up an interview with NBC and looking gorgeous, and so much looser and less uptight than Annalise Keating. So she’s talking with Natalie Morales who says “Okay thank you so much Shond- Thank you so much, Viola Davis”.

This is Retta’s Insta about it:



Thaaaaaat's not Shonda. #GodBless #GoldenGlobes2015

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Yiiiiikkes. I mean I get it. Everywhere ever, it’s all “Shonda Rhimes How To Get Away With Murder”. I know that she is synonymous with the show. But I also know that all of you are not Natalie Morales, and that I don’t have to explain to you why it is just so awkward that that happened, and why nobody ever confuses Emily Blunt with Claire Danes.   

And then, to add insult to injury, when The Hollywood Reporter wrote it up, they spelled ‘Retta’ wrong. With an extra H.