She was the Best Actress at Critics’ Choice. And she won the SAG Award last night. Suddenly Viola Davis has edged ahead of both Meryl Streep and Michelle Williams for Oscar Best Actress making it tight race to the Kodak. Did you see the Streep’s face? She was delighted. Genuinely delighted. As for Michelle Williams...

Video Assumption says Deflation. She wants it. So. Badly. Duana will get to it later but suffice to say, we’ll all be raising Matilda for the next month.

As the frontrunner then, as we get closer to February 26th, Viola is getting some good looks at some very exclusive dress options. Last night she chose Marchesa. It wasn’t the most offensive Marchesa ever but... it looked like a napkin, didn’t it? Specifically a napkin being held by a fancy napkin holder.

V can do a LOT better for the Academy Awards.